3Y0J Bouvet Island and the misconduct of licensed amateurs

Bouvet Island, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, is one of the world’s most remote and inaccessible islands. This subantarctic volcanic island is covered by 93% glaciers and is prone to harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rains, and towering seas. Despite the challenges, Bouvet Island remains highly sought-after by amateur radio enthusiasts, being ranked as the second most wanted DXCC entity on Club Log’s list, just after P5 (DPRK North Korea).

The recent DXPedition to Bouvet Island has sparked excitement and anticipation among the hobby community, showcasing the adventurous spirit and determination of the hams involved. It is a testament to the passion and dedication of amateur radio and the desire to explore and connect with new entities.

I am sure that this DXPedition will be a memorable experience for everyone involved and will be cherished for years to come.

It is unfortunate that the excitement and anticipation surrounding this significant DXPedition has also brought to light the negative behavior of some hams around the world. The lack of courtesy, disregard for the DX Code of Conduct, and basic common sense during pileups is unacceptable.

As hams, we should always strive to maintain a level of professionalism and respect, especially during pileups. The DXPedition to Bouvet Island was a highly sought-after event, but that does not excuse the childish and disruptive behavior that has been observed.

It is imperative that we remember the essence of our hobby, which is to explore, connect, and make new contacts while respecting each other and the DX Code of Conduct. Let’s work together to elevate the level of communication and support within our community.

Furthermore, the use of unacceptable slurs on DX Clusters is not only disrespectful but also offensive to many hams around the world who have access to read these comments. Such behavior is not only unprofessional but also goes against the spirit of amateur radio and the ham community, which values mutual respect and support.

It is imperative that we all strive to maintain a positive and supportive environment in our community, both on and off the air. Let’s work together to uplift and encourage each other, instead of resorting to negative and hurtful comments.

It is disheartening to witness such behavior from individuals who hide behind a computer screen or radio and lash out with negative comments towards the hardworking hams who have dedicated so much time and effort to create an exciting DXPedition for all to enjoy. These hams have traveled far and put themselves in hazardous situations just to bring a station on air and make it possible for others to work from one of the world’s most challenging locations.

It raises questions about the state of society when individuals resort to spreading insults and criticism instead of appreciating the dedication and sacrifices made by these hams. If one is not satisfied with the current efforts, why not take the initiative and put in the work to do it better instead of just criticizing from behind a screen?

We should all strive to support and uplift each other, especially those who go above and beyond to bring new opportunities and experiences to our community.

A copy of the DX Code of Conduct can be found here for those that may have perhaps forgotten.

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Rick EA4M
Rick EA4M
1 year ago

Totally agree with you….. It is a shame, cops, tuning,lifds and DQRM are worst every day….

Alan LX1AX
1 year ago
Reply to  Rick EA4M

Hello to all,
Totally agree with you.
These HAM’s on Bouvet Island risk their lives for us, for trying to give us an one of the most wanted second DXCC!
The QRM makers and Policeman: Shame on you: You blame our wonderful Hobby!

1 year ago

Hear hear , well put , can’t believe the QRM etc etc they are RX’ing ! All the hard work/ costs these guy’s have put into this. Vy best 73!

1 year ago
Reply to  Andy

M0HLT by the way

Tim C
Tim C
1 year ago

Sad to hear. I am currently seeking my license. Until I receive I will not attach microphone or keying device. It’s common sense to follow rules/laws.

todd Ruby
todd Ruby
1 year ago

Hi Jordan, I took your advice after our QSO on 20m at 2029Z Feb 2 and was checking out your vy nice website. I totally concur with your sentiments on the 3Y0J DXpedition, so no need to restate what you have posited so well. I am vy glad you also posted my dear friend Raisa’s YouTube video on the subject. After just a few short years she has proven to have become an operator with the best qualities that one can find on ham radio. 73 cu agn, todd WB2ZAB

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