VK1 Tango Xray, Tex: A True Gentleman & Radio Amateur

It is with great sadness to inform a great man and amateur VK1TX Tex has passed away peacefully after a short battle with liver cancer.

I’ve not been licensed half the time Tex had been on air but I remember meeting him at a Wyong dinner some 20 odd years ago alongside many other amateurs including Chris VK2SR and every year after that at the Wyong Amateur Radio Field Day.

Tex was a true gentleman. He had the time for everybody. He was a kind man, a great radio amateur and travelled to all corners of the globe meeting many of the hams he spoke to daily.

He was also a net controller on the long running Australian, New Zealand and Africa DX Net which is run daily on 20 metres and every Saturday on 15 metres.

Tex will be missed by so many he touched throughout the years.

I know I will.


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1 year ago

Nice words Jordan. He was a genuinely kind bloke. The bands are sadder for his passing. There will be a lot of hams around the world mourning Tex today. RIP Tex de Aaron VK2ON

1 year ago
Reply to  VK2FR

Nice one mate. He obviously made a mark on you. Remember him fondly. I passed my condolences to Chris as well. Long time mates those guys.

Stuart Birkin
Stuart Birkin
1 year ago

Very saddened to hear this news, meet Tex in 2004 when he drove me to Wyong while I was working temporarily in Canberra. Always a gentlemen on the air and a great Dxer mate that I looked up to. Tex will be missed around the bands. RIP Mate De VK8NSB

Dave, G4AKC
1 year ago

So shocked to hear of Tex’s passing, I knew he had been ill for a while but didn’t realise how serious… A sad day

Thor - DK7RD
Thor - DK7RD
11 months ago

Thanks for the QSO yesterday, Jordan. Went on your website afterwards and found out that Tex, VK1TX, passed away in March. I did not know until then. Totally agree with you and everyone here – he was a true gentleman. Had just one QSO with him (in 2022), but somehow he left an impression.

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